Las Mesas, Honduras


At a glance...

  • Location: Intibucá Department, Honduras
  • Impact: 350 people
  • Project Type: Water treatment
  • Project Phase: Design
  • Major Language: Spanish


This project aims to service the residents of the community of Las Mesas and the surrounding members that may also be served by the system. The community declares their top priority is to fix the existing water treatment plant, which currently consists of two filters. The first filter is a rectangular, dual-chambered upflow filter consisting of graded media from gravel to fine sand, while the second is a circular downflow filter consisting primarily of fine sand. Because there is no cleaning capability in either filter, it only took a week of operations for the water to become twice the turbidity limit standards set by the World Health Organization. Needless to say children in the community were getting sick.

Akelos is working on renovating the existing infrastructure to make it potable for the community again, the primary goal being to ensure the system can be maintained effectively.



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