Keur Balla Maria, Senegal

Partners: They Inherit, And Defar NiOmbato


At a glance...

  • Location: Fatick Region, Senegal

  • Impact: 2000 people

  • Project Type: Well, water tower, distribution

  • Project Phase: Design

  • Major Language: Wolof


This project aims to service four communities in the Fatick Region of Senegal. Currently, each community has their own 35 meter well, each with varying levels of reliability, water quantity, and quality. The women of the communities spend a minimum of 3 hours per day pulling water from the wells. During meetings with each community the consensus opinion to meet their needs was to design a deep well system, pump it to a water tower, and distribute it amongst the communities. Akelos is currently in the process of designing the well, pump, tower, and distribution to a centrally located tap stand. The community would also like designs to accommodate provisions for their livestock and the irrigation of a community garden plot, where the women can grow crops during the rainy season.


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