How is Akelos different?

We find the unique challenges that are present in each community. We not only aim to understand the technical issues arising from the lack of water, but strive to understand the people who need it.

Understanding the lens with which each community views the world helps us think creatively and craft customized solutions that address needs unique to a locale. We encourage community leaders to be involved at every step of the planning, designing and implementation process.


What is a contextualized engineering solution?

The people we serve come from backgrounds and cultures different than our own. Solutions not only impact their health, but also their lifestyle. Here at Akelos, we want to ensure that our systems integrate seamlessly into local communities' ways of life.

Communication is key for success! We collaborate with local non-governmental organizations (NGO) that understand the culture and mindset of the communities we are helping. These NGOs connect us to local leaders who define the project for us, so that we do not impose a solution that the community will not support.